Connect and engage with your members

Have multiple databases, is your contact information for your members hard to manage?

Managing all of your member contact information can be a nightmare or simply not being able to keep track of member information and engagement is another major problem for associations. CloudCentre now employs an association management solution that runs on the cloud, reducing your running costs, administrative time, allowing to focus your time where needed; on your members.

The CloudCentre member database is a totally integrated ‘Customer Centric’ Member Database, Financial and Web platform allowing you to run your entire business using one application and one database that will provide you access to accurate and live data to deliver organisational Predictability, Profitability and Professionalism!

With extensive CRM functionality throughout the application ensures your members are able to be serviced at any point of your organisation, also allows staff to work better together with employees, partners, and members, even from different locations, different devices on the cloud while having 24/7 access.

Build a comprehensive view of all your members. Personalise every interaction and tailor your messages to individual member needs and interests or segment groups of members. 

  • Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere.
  • Get a complete view of your members and customise lookups for intelligent searching.
  • Keep track of all your interactions you have with your members, across all channels.
  • Record sales and service history so you have the information you need to provide exceptional service and support
  • Report on all member engagements


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  • Customer/Contact segmentation

    Capture all the relevant information you would need from your members in order to segment or tag the data to be able to personalise your service to them

    • Company information
    • Capture personal information
    • Communication subscriptions (mailing lists)
    • Topics of interests
    • Industry information
    • Roles
    • Special interest groups
    • Tagging members to different groups and status
    • Tagging members to access different content/documents
  • Customer engagements

    Record all the interactions you have with your members and non-members, Meetings, interviews, emails, phone calls, events, courses, products and services.

    • Utilise the interactions and task management tools
    • Automatically record all your member's engagements on your website
    • Automatically record all your email communications
    • Automate all your operational processes
    • Assign a BDM or account manager to your member and record the meetings
  • Website and CloudCentre Integration

    Help your members and non-members to help themselves. Empower them to engage with you using the online self-service facilities on your website easily 24/7

    • Prospects could join online
    • Update their own details online
    • Renew their membership online
    • Join special interest groups and committees online
    • Manage communication subscriptions online
    • View, print and pay all their invoices online
    • Register to events & courses online
    • Select and register a conference package online
    • Purchase products & services online
    • View, print and enter CPD records online
    • View , print and enter accreditation records online
    • Search through the member directory online
    • Search through the document directory online
    • Publish Careers / Classifieds / eNews / blogs online
    • Integrate to different Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Benefits for your members

CloudCentre's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) leads the way in terms of a cost effective, unified solution to manage members, equipped with an industry-leading features aimed at streamlining processes through all facets of your business.

Members now receive improved customer service from the organisation by having access to update their own details themselves within their member portal. This is a great advantage as it also saves staff time as they don’t need to waste time updating member information as members have access themselves. The member portal also keeps records of any conversations and support issues members may have, creating greater communication streams.

Coresoft is 100% committed to improving the quality of service delivery to your members, so please let us know if you require a feature which is not listed. Our Cloud based Association solution streamlines administrative processes to improve efficiency, increase the member value proposition and engagement, build new revenue channels, and increase communication channels across your member base.

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