Coresoft is a specialist solutions provider to associations large and small. We have been implementing association software systems for almost 30 years and have gained tremendous insight into the challenges and key issues faced by many organisations, such as:

  • Are your services relevant to your members needs?
  • How do you leverage the Web to service your members?
  • How do you recruit new members?
  • How do you retain your member base?
  • Can you really get to know your members?
  • How do you create greater operational efficiencies?
  • The business environment forces you to be flexible with your infrastructure - yet how do you sustain profitability?

Coresoft provides no nonsense solutions to the challenges associations are facing. Our expertise in project delivery provides the most appropriate consulting resources and software solutions ensuring your project is successful and delivered on time and budget.

Our hands on nurturing approach coupled with tried and tested implementation practices will ensure your organisation benefits from consistent learning outcomes to deliver:

  • Better service to your members
  • Increased efficiencies with greater control of your business processes
  • Sustained profitability
  • Greater understanding of who you do business with

Coresoft's modular software design gives you a clear path forward. As your business and requirements grow - you just add the extra functionality with minimal fuss and disruption to your operating environment.