How your association management solution helps increase member engagement

Association management solutions can collect and maintain large amounts of data which can be used to automate workflows and analyse.

The overall health of an association is based on receiving the best ROI from engagement activities with your members. Member engagement has the biggest impact on bottom line revenue, but did you know the data you already own can help you determine revenue per member?

The driving force to implement a new association management solution is driven by the ability to improve and increase the level of engagement with your members whilst reducing the cost of engagement. To understand how your association is performing you need the ability to analyse the data you already own and make real-time informed decisions.

But if you have never had the ability to easily analyse your data how do you know what to look for and how to find it?

We would like to share some simple areas to analyse to start you on the journey of business intelligence and increase your engagement

How are your members engaging?

When looking for your lost keys you start where you normally leave them, the same goes when trying to find out how your members are engaging. When looking for data you first need to ask yourself: What data am I looking for? Create a list of all the engagement channels your organisation utilizes, then start looking to the data asking yourself questions like how often do we engage, is there a certain time of the year we engage more than others. Whilst you are looking at the data and manipulating the data you will begin to see trends in the data. Once you have started to identify trends, align these trends with real-world events like holidays, time of the month, time of the year even if its tax time.

Is your marketing effective?

Email blasts (eDMS), transactional emails or highly targeted campaigns are the backbones of any organisation – we know you do! But are you following up on how these are performing and if you are enticing your member to interact with you? Its all about statistics, open rate, bounce rate, click rate. Now I’ll be the first one to say this isn’t an exact science, email servers can be set up to prevent sending the information you need back. Generally, though your campaigns are large enough group to still gain enough stats to make the right decisions. So, what are your open rates, bounce rates, click rates? Are you using this information to refine your subject header? Are you reaching out to members to receive a new email address if you get a bounce back? Or analysing which types of links are getting the most clicks—event info, educational info, organizational updates? Utilising these key statistics, you can drastically improve the quality of content you are sending to members and increase the level of engagement from each and every member.  

Operational emails do they work?

Whilst we could have covered this off under eDMS, automated workflows are really your system working for you. Whether the automatic email is a welcome, renewal, registration or invoicing email the data provided from these can tell you a lot about the value members are receiving. Operational emails not only provide relevant information like invoice numbers, event dates, or simply saying thanks for joining. Operational emails can drive member engagement by providing relevant content, next steps and or links and information about other services. When you analyse operational email data you should be asking your self this, what are my conversions rates, what’s my close rate, are members starting the journey and stopping at certain points. The great thing about this is you can modify or change content types whilst monitoring for an increase in your member engagement getting more members to the next step, where they can click, convert or buy.

Are your events compelling?

For most associations events are a primary method of engagement with attendance rates a key statistic of engagement. There are some interesting ways to look at event data. Event categories: first-time, prospect, recurring, interested. Event types: in person, online. Event topics: finance, legal, professional development. Are you seeing the trends already? From here segment your attendees from frequent attendance to potential attendance. What are the tactics for driving event registrations? How do your eDMs, social posts or advertising fit into the mix? Now continue to monitor and tweak to maximise your event registrations and attendance.

Badge of honour

Some associations need their members to be certified, others offer certification as a value-added service. Certification programs becoming more popular why not make it fun and reward each member with a badge to promote the course, generate a friendly competition between members and share one’s personal development achievements. The great thing about this is, members sharing their achievements are also promoting your association at the same time! Additionally, pages read, videos, quizzes create a ton of trackable engagement statistics. Ultimately this sets up a win-win situation for your association and your members.

Engagement is the sole key to more revenue, happy members recruit new members for your association and share the fantastic things you do for the industry. We hope this list of ideas for increasing member engagement is useful for you.