Introducing Business Directories

Coresoft announces a series of web-based Business Directory services it will offer to its customers. The Business Directory add-on is not a new concept but by integrating this to the Coresoft system, Coresoft customers can offer their members resource that will help generate income to the member and the parent organisation by providing sales leads and business development.

The Business Directory application allows each member to create a directory listing in the parent organisation's website. The application allows users to maintain their listing and promote themselves or their business by participating in shared marketing activities such as webinars, email, social media, events, gift offers and more.

The new application provides advertising, online booking for appointments, shopping cart, event booking, image gallery, promotions and other great business development tools to the member to assist with generating new sales leads directly through the website. The Business Directory is not intended to replace the members website but enhance it by offering enhanced sales tools to both the member and the parent organisation.