It’s time for a change


As associations grow and provide more value to members, you need a flexible solution to grow with you. 

Growth brings challenges, growing associations need a refined membership management system which enables you to effectively provide value to members

Every association cherishes growth in its membership base and retain as many members as possible. Without the right solution in place, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide value for members or even support new members joining.  If you aren’t able to quickly and easily address your members needs during growth or providing the value offered, it will make it a harder decision to renew their membership.

Every organisation has growth pains, here are some to think about.

You’re boxed in!

Membership applications start to increase a result of a recent membership drive or word of mouth from happy members. This success quickly highlights the limitations of your current system, staff frustration begins to rise and member satisfaction starts to drop.

If you use spreadsheets or an access database, you hit a point where you no longer effectively manage your members. If you use a membership management software, your growth can lead to higher invoices to allow to send more emails and manage more members. So, now, what do you do?

Upgrade to a different system, and automate processes. For example, you should enable your system to automatically send welcome, renewal emails or complete the entire renewal process. Schedule your marketing campaigns to be sent at the right time. 

Remember, your marketing efforts can increase the number of people who apply in unpredictable ways, your membership management system must be ready to absorb all the new details.

If you aren’t responsive to members during growth, you stand to lose them when it’s time to renew their membership.

Looking for new revenue streams?

Association boards priorities are focused on growth and member value. There are many different ways to increase offers and member value? For many growing organizations, here’s the answer: events, education, conferences.

The best of today’s membership management systems can help you offer your members events & conferences, accreditation and CPD, business intelligence, marketing tools, content management plus a whole host of member self-service capabilities.

You should use your system to track both members and non-member whilst providing them with access to everything they need at the click of a button. Allow your members to service themselves whist your staff focus on providing value.

Looking for new ways to reach members?

One of the main objectives is to engage members, typical communication channels are missing the mark. Your members are becoming younger and more tech savvy than ever. Now is the time to leverage the power of a social community to increase the reach of your communication and marketing efforts. With members constantly on the go, they rely on their social to stay informed.

A social community for your members enhances the member experience in many ways. For example, members can gain up to date indusrty news from organization and members within a single feed.

Part of your organization’s mission includes connecting members with like-minded individuals. More ties between members mean increased engagement and deepened member loyalty.

It’s clear as your organization grows, how you manage your meberships must be flexible and robust with features to serve your members well. The better you meet your members’ needs; the more growth you will experience.

So, ask yourself this.

Is your organization experiencing growing pains?

If so, congratulations are in order. But, you also deserve a pat on the back if you still battle with manual spreadsheets or an entry-level membership management system.

It’s time to look for a solution which can grow to meet your functionality needs as you grow. It’s time to remove the restrictions placed on the number of members you service or the number of emails you can send.

It’s time to find a vendor who supports your growth!