The modern association

Associations all over are realising the power of SaaS applications to leverage access to membership information anywhere, anytime, any device.

Many associations are still stuck being limited time and resources to manage the infrastructure required for the modern association. Their strategies are being limited by the technologies in use, which is generally a mix of disparate solutions solving an immediate issue, however, creating longer-term data and productivity issues.

Dedicated Industry Solutions

Dedicated association management solutions provide an integrated approach by centralizing data. With centralized data there is no double entry of data, the data is instantly available throughout the business units and create a 360-degree view of members, events, finance and much more. With all of this data freely available enables associations to understand the membership journey, predict membership growth and retention rates based on real-world data from your own association. You will also have the ability to understand how your member is engaging with you to provide more value from prospect to member and retainment.

SaaS applications not only provide associations with the insights they need, SaaS applications significantly reduce operational costs and can reduce the cost of engagement by creating a higher return on investment. Dedicated solutions also give you the flexibility to only turn on the functionality you need today and turn on additional functionality as you grow.

Staff become extremely proficient in utilizing one solution instead of trying to remember how multiple solutions work. With SaaS applications, you also eliminate how many different vendors you need to work with and drastically reduces the complexities of your IT environment.  

SaaS applications

SaaS applications are typically Cloud-based technology which allows staff to work from anywhere, anytime, any device. Traditional solutions don’t provide that level of flexibility hindering your staff’s ability to service your members when needed.

SaaS applications come with a host of other benefits, the vendor monitors data, security, provide continual updates to the platform ensuring risks have been mitigated and the platform is optimized. 

The only question left is, does the vendor allow you to modify the platform to meet your business needs and strategies or are you trapped in a box?