Campaign Management

Personalise experiences across all platforms

Plan and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive engagement

  • Create and manage email campaigns and reach out to members with relevant messaging
  • Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time with performance statistics on visitor behaviour and preferences. 
  • Turn insights into action through even more personalisation across every member touchpoint


Attract, Engage, Service: The world of marketing to you members is changing, Inbound marketing is a widely adopted technique for drawing members to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation and branding. 

CloudCentre allows you to easily plan and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns that drive engagement.

  • Create and manage email campaigns and reach out to members with relevant messaging.
  • Track the performance of your campaigns in real-time with performance statistics on visitor behaviour and preferences. 
  • Easily create engaging defined templates for pages, panels, email and more, be in control of your content
  • Easy to use with no technical experience required to publishing campaigns
  • Polls and Surveys, Turn insights into action through even more personalisation across every member touch-point.
  • Suitable for any size organisation
  • In-built workflow
  • Version control and archiving
  • Integration to Coresoft database 
  • Create a list of target customer for communications
  • Mail merge facilities
  • Bulk Email
  • Log all communications against customer/contact records 


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Every year in the world of commerce newer and more effective techniques and technologies change the way we do business. Just as the fax replaced the telex, email is now a more commonly used means of communication than fax, largely due to the ease of use, convenience and its rapid absorption into our working and social lives.

As the experts herald the beginning of a period where mankind will rapidly absorb more of the technologies available through the Internet into more and more aspects of daily life, the justifications of that promise are crystallising, and need to be carefully considered by everyone in business.

Customers embrace technology when it offers value and convenience. They reject cold canvassing, bulk mail and email when it is intrusive or not relevant. Today's customer is an educated buyer, aware of what the competition offers and seeks value in the product and the service.

Multi-channel Campaign Management applications when placed in the hands of market savvy professionals, transform the way an organisation markets and communicates with its customers.
Instead of using the traditional bulk marketing approaches such as direct mailing and telemarketing, a subtle combination of Information distribution, Internet and telephone assistance services, can transform your initiatives into a potent marketing formula for success.

Coresoft Campaign management is a multi-channel target market communication and relationship management system. Coresoft manages every aspect from specific products or services, to brand reinforcement.

Keys to Communicating

To reach today's customer there is a necessity to communicate value at every interaction and through every channel that you communicate such as Phone, post, Internet, Wireless or portable appliances. Giving the customer value is vital to being heard and the message absorbed or understood.

Coresoft’s Campaign management system will allow you to plan and execute a potent combination of interactions and events aimed at capturing the interest of the customer at the most appropriate time.

By delivering messages in smaller increments with specific information that helps the customer to make qualified decisions, you can manage the distribution of enormous volumes of relevant information that target the customer at their point of need. The results are increased awareness or appreciation of the merits of your products and services at the time the customer is most receptive.

Campaigns recruit advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, sales follow-up, cross selling, functions, Internet interactions and even service interactions and accounts enquiries to get messages to the customer.

Sales Response Management

Often we don’t get another chance to win a customer back as there are so many choices and competitors offering similar products and services that professionalism and service become the distinguishing factors - we can only make a good first impression once!

Coresoft integrates campaign elements into many sales and service functions performed by staff throughout your organisation each day. Campaign events such as asking questions to qualify interest, explaining trading terms in a way that educates, sending copies of research documents to explain better ways to do business, all serve to educate the customer and deliver value.

By automating these events staff don't have to remember. Coresoft will only prompt the operator with information or a question where the customers profile indicates the question is relevant.
Marketing professionals no longer have to change the work practice of others in the organization or implement procedures to collect information or sell new concepts, the tools to collect or communicate are embedded in the Coresoft application used throughout the organisation every day.

Internet Marketing Tools

Marketing elements can be set to interact with the customer when they are accessing your Web Site. As the customer accesses their account details, a reminder informs them that for early payment of bills they receive a special discount or perhaps added points they can use to purchase goods or services. As they enquire on a specific product or service, the Coresoft system explains new specials or promotions on similar products.

Script Processing

Essential to Call Centres, Sales Offices and Service Centres, the ability to pre-define and communicate scripted messages that address all manner of customer queries is paramount to maintaining efficient high quality customer service.

Messages written by experienced staff will contain key questions that probe, educate and provide valuable insight into the customers needs. Coresoft's ability to break these up into small non-intrusive sections, allows the customer to be questioned without being aware the operator is using a script. Operators can skip between questions if a customer changes the direction of the conversation and then easily click back to the script and the original line of questioning can commence.

External Marketing Lists

Coresoft features facilities to import external purchased or rented third party lists directly into the Coresoft environment improving efficiencies by not having to manage numerous separate files. When imported Coresoft will de-dupe against your current database identifying existing customers and allow lists to be segmented and dealt with appropriately. Prospects can be contacted by any channel and operators assigned to the various steps of the campaign resulting in all interactions remaining inside Coresoft providing a true picture of ROI per campaign.

Prospects and customers remain grouped as the campaign unfolds and their preferences, interests and appropriate follow up actions are captured, directly feeding the core information system. Lists can be exported at any time for mailing or other processing functions if required.

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Why CloudCentre?

With extensive experience in providing solutions to a wide variety of membership-based organisations, we have learnt a great deal about the challenges faced by the industry and how they have used our software to improve service delivery and internal efficiencies. As a result, we are able to offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their entire operating requirements.

Industry knowledge and experience

  • Coresoft understands the industry and is able to provide best practice, process-driven solutions which increases efficiency in your work processes.
  • Our unique approach to software design enables our solutions to be deployed rapidly giving you measurable and immediate return on investment.
  • We ‘speak your language’ resulting in fast installation and implementation.

Tried and Proven

  • We have implemented Coresoft within many membership organisations, ranging in size from two users to 250 users.
  • You gain immediately from the know-how of these organisations using the system.

Flexible and customisable

  • Coresoft is an open system which allows other applications to be built on the same platform.
  • Coresoft’s N-tier platform provides the ability to customise workflow requirements and integrate to external applications without affecting future upgrades.

No Software Hassles

  • With cloud-based applications, there is no need to install software or make updates – lowering costs and reducing hassle for IT. Upgrades are automatic so you always have the latest version.

Support, maintenance and upgrades

  • Coresoft provides complete and up-to-date user documentation.
  • We provide reliable and fast turnaround support.
  • Maintenance includes upgrades so the latest features are readily available to you.
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