Imagine if your staff knew immediately when anything important happened. They were able to easily see memberships are up, how many memberships are due for renewal, whats your best selling event or even your best selling product. 

Overcoming many of the shortcomings in traditional business intelligence applications, CloudCentre Analytics offers a step change in allowing users to access and respond to data in their business applications.

CloudCentre Analytics is a truly agile business intelligence solution that can adapt quickly, with little effort, to the changing demands of the organisation.  CloudCentre Analytics is built on a powerful live analytics engine that automatically combines historical data with live extracts from the operational business application to produce actionable intelligence in real time. Combined with an early summary strategy, this means dashboards based on millions of rows can filter and drill down in seconds.

Are you looking to view other sets of data? Coresoft will work closely with customers if they are looking for more detailed views outside of the standard offering. Contact us today to understand more. 

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  • Drill Down

    A drill down report is a report which allows users to navigate to a different layer of data granularity by navigating and clicking a specific data element on a web page or in an application. Drill down allows users to explore multidimensional data by navigating from one level down to a more detailed level. This allows users to view aggregated, summary data and then hierarchically explore deeper levels of the data for more specific analysis.

    A drill through report acts similarly to a drill down report by giving users the ability to navigate to a different layer of data by clicking a data element. However, whereas a drill down report allows you to remain within the same visualization type and window, a drill through report allows you to navigate to a completely different visualization or report.

  • Filters

    Dashboard filters allow you to narrow the scope of one or more of the reports on the active dashboard tab. By selecting values in the filter, you can change the values displayed in the report without changing the report definitions.

    If your dashboard includes the same type of attribute filter in more than one tab, the values that you select in the filter in one tab are also automatically selected in the filter in other tabs. For example, if both Tab A and Tab B have a filter for City, the cities that you select in Tab A are also selected in Tab B, and vice versa. This is true for all attribute filters, including Date filters.

    Date Filters

    Date filters let you select a single date or a range of dates. Your selections recompute the data that appears in any report in the dashboard that is associated with the date filter. You can configure date filters to display data ranging from a single day, to weeks, months, quarters, or years.\

    Value Filters

    Value filters let you filter the data in the associated reports based on the value or values selected in the report. In Edit mode, you can specify filters for either attribute or variable values.
    In the previous example, you could use the PRODUCT filter to narrow the displayed data to one or more products of interest.

    Cascading Filters

    Select attribute values in a filter to determine the data to include or exclude in dashboard reports

  • Exports

    CloudCentre Analytics allows associations to export data into the format of choice.

    • Excel
    • CSV
    • PDF 
    • RTF
  • Visualisation


     Visual representation of your data is key to understanding and gaining value in real-time. CloudCentre dashboards allow associations to visualize data in ways it becomes meaningful. 

    Pivot Tables

    Pivot tables give your staff the ability to view your data much like you would in Excel, the benefit being this data live and can be filtered on the go the gain real-time insights.

    • Arrange columns 
    • Sort columns 
    • Filter
    • Automatically fit the column width 
    • Allow grouping 
    • Allow summarising


    Dashboard tiles represent critical information to staff in a simple and easy to read format without the need to drill down into data. 

Why CloudCentre Analytics?

We live in the age of information… and the information is power! The bad thing is, we are now often buried under information. It’s difficult to make sense of it without any special tools. Many associations have been slow to adopt Business Intelligence (BI), mainly due to lack of knowledge of what exactly BI is, it can be time-consuming to review and there is a concern that it really has any benefit for them. The truth is, it should be an integral part of any operation.

A very short but fitting definition is: “Business Intelligence is essentially timely, accurate, high-value, and actionable business insights, and the work processes and technologies used to obtain them.”

Flexibility for Business Growth

Dashboards provide a central location for users to access, interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make smarter, data-driven decisions. Good dashboard software enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. You can visualize and analyze data helping you gain valuable insight and drive quick and accurate decision making.

With CloudCentre analytics you get a consolidated view of all your data from across your organization on custom dashboards so you can gain valuable insight into your entire business the way you want it. From there, you can immediately act or further visualize and analyze any data to answer new questions and make real-time data-driven decisions.

Increase Efficiencies with Faster Access to Business Intelligence

With CloudCentre analytics, your data is quickly accessible and actionable. Our interactive dashboards let you monitor metrics in real-time. Whether you are providing reporting and analysis for an entire organization or line of business, CloudCentre analytics allows organizations to go beyond their initial dashboards and continue to explore their data and find new insights via data discovery and visual data analytics.

Better Decision Making

You can analyze key data more quickly and thoroughly, improving the performance in each functional department when utilizing a well-designed dashboard. Our dashboard software provides rich interactive visualizations, making the analysis process more intuitive and performance issues easier to observe. Visualization interactivity allows you to go deeper and find more answers, serving as an effective solution to the overwhelming amount of data that business users experience every day. CloudCentre analytics can improve data discovery and help users better and more easily identify the true impact of their data.

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