Membership Management

Attract, engage and grow your membership base

Build great member experiences and optimise the member journey from signup to retention.

Online Membership Renewal

You no longer need to invoice renewals from a separate accounting system or generate hundreds of separate invoices. Our renewal process is all online and can be batch driven, or fully automated.  It even includes sending scheduled reminders to members to update their membership information.

Membership Levels

Apply discounts for membership levels to give tiered pricing to your members.  We can also automatically connect membership levels with page access roles making it easy to restrict access to privileged information for certain member types providing  an unparalleled member experience.

Membership Fees

Coresoft takes time to understand your membership types, fees calculations and mid-term charging or cancellation rules. We'll scope this information and deploy your solution so that those rules are built in, allowing for automatically calculating application fees, membership fees, and renewals from membership data.

Targeted Marketing Tools

Use the Email Marketing and CRM systems to engage with your member audience. Targeted campaigns are a breeze as recipients are a 'slice and dice' outcome from the online CRM filtering tools. Alternatively, if you like working with your preferred marketing solution ask us how we can integrate the solutions.   

Build great member experiences and optimise the member journey from signup to retention.

  • Build great member experiences and optimise the member journey from signup to retention
  • Streamline membership processes from new member signups to membership renewals
  • Automate membership renewal processes to drive increased productivity
  • Integrate member data with interest group participation so you can see how members are engaging with your association
  • Add a members only access portal for richer and more engaging membership experiences
  • Easily manage Corporate and Individual membership structures, including scaled pricing
  • Generate subscriptions, process renewals and manage resignations
  • Group members and view participation in interest groups 


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The essential purpose of a Membership organisation is to target the core member interests, which is in itself a means to retain and recruit members.

Seeking better ways to educate, develop and provide services to members is the charter. On-line facilities via the Internet, and their lower cost of delivery offer enticing opportunities to membership organisations seeking to extend their sphere of influence by separating traditional professional services into a combination of on-line, fee for service and consulting based facilities to members.
Advances in information systems that provide improved organisational efficiencies, also provide new opportunities to service the members better.

Coresoft Membership is an enterprise wide Member Relationship Management system that streamlines your administrative workload, giving you more time to develop your members and keep in touch with their needs.

This module enables you to manage basic member information, their preferences, interests and financial status. Membership manages subscriptions generation that creates transactions directly in Accounts Receivable and then on to the General Ledger system. manages member participation in functions, training and conferences. Coresoft provides a means to invoice members for services outside the scope of the membership agreement, and manage the delivery of these services.
The CRM handles multiple chapters, regions, groups and will operate several associations from the same database.

Member Relationship Management

Coresoft Membership allows you to record and track pertinent member information including personal, business and correspondence addresses, alphanumeric member number, member category, member to member relationships (i.e. a member employed by another member - company or individual, even corporate structure links between a group of companies etc). Employment history, professional qualifications and education history, member interest and development requirements, meeting attendance's, potential members and non members information, correspondence log, date last mailed, members follow up and notes area, and much more.

Coresoft manages relationships using a unique Relationship Status that controls access to Internet and Internet based services. As your staff maintain information on a member they are also changing information that could impact the way the member is serviced. The Customer Information System manages the members’ access to services and launches business agents that prompt operators and recommend appropriate actions.

Controlled Communication

Coresoft Membership gives you greater control to communicate with your members and ensures they stay informed. You can quickly select a group you wish to contact using any criteria the system records. For example you can select to extract all members, unfinancial members, members in one state or suburb only, non members, individuals, senior executive members, self employed, employees of a particular company, all members who attended (or didn't attend) last AGM etc.
The selection criteria can be used again and again. In minutes you have a sub set of your member base to view, or report on. You can then produce a mail merge file sorted by name, postcode, or for registered mail, in National Sort Plan order. The merge file is compatible with any mainstream word processor and data can be checked and modified, on screen before letters and labels are printed.


Trade invoices (for goods) and subscriptions are accessible directly from the membership system. You can produce a list of overdue subscriptions or invoices and drill down on any payments or adjustments. The membership screen shows you the financial status of your member and a transaction history for answering queries. Producing reports for management that combine financial and membership information is easy because all accounting modules are linked to membership and are updated automatically.

Marketing and Analysis

Members are managed by geographical, physical and preferential classifications, much of which is collected in Coresoft automatically. Multiple (SIC) codes define industry segmentation, interests and preferences define abstract interests and needs. Groups and participation allows behavioral characteristics, permissions and interest groups to be classified. As a result this combination of facilities provide a powerful information base for analysis, building of segmentation models, launching of campaigns and anticipating responses to marketing initiatives.

Managing Members

Coresoft provides numerous ways to find members; groups, status, recent conversations, branches, links, invoice numbers, searching for specific words held in notes, activities. Coresoft includes a configurable changes management facility that allows you to define what occurs when customer information is altered, what changes are recorded in an audit, and who can alter specific information.
The simple intuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the extensive variety of information. Other specific details recorded include Professional Interests, Committee's, Inventory of skills, survey settings, and Correspondence logs. Also allows Members access to your Organisations web site with the click of a Send button to issue login details.

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  • Member Engagement

    Track, record and report all your member engagements

    • Online engagements
    • Outbound/Inbound interactions
    • Meetings & appointments
    • Registrations
    • Purchased products & services
    • Accreditation/Certifications & CPD
    • Financial transactions
  • New Member Processing

    Easily manage your member join process, from tracking applications, selecting the correct membership category to making pyament 

    • Handle many different type of membership categories
    • Manage individual and corporate type memberships
    • Simple pricing to scaling by number of employees or revenue etc.
    • Include a join fee
    • Ability to handle anniversary (can calculate pro-rata) or membership year
    • Add services or other fees to the membership
    • Allow for multi-currency membership
    • Each membership category can be linked to a different General Ledger account
    • Setup workflows to be able to automatically generate invoices and welcome letters to the member
    • Non members can join online through your website
  • Member Renewals

    Associations differ in how they handle their membership subscription renewals, CloudCentre handles the different scenarios by allowing you to generate renewal notices or renewal invoices or both 

    • Generate renewal notices/invoices in bulk for printing
    • Automatically email the renewal notices/invoices in bulk
    • Manage and control the renewal notice/invoice/reminder forms, unlimited amount of forms
    • Setup workflows to be able to control which renewal notice/invoice/reminder are to be used and when
    • Allow members to complete their subscription renewal through your website
    • Members to print/download and pay their invoices online
  • Member Resignations

    Associations differ in how they handle their membership life cycle which includes their resignation process, CloudCentre handles the different scenarios by allowing you to manage the suspension and resignation of your members

    • Generate resignations in bulk for printing
    • Automatically email the resignations in bulk
    • Manage and control the resignation forms
    • Setup workflows to be able to control which resignation form are to be used and when
  • Member Segmentation

    Quick selection of members by user defined selection criteria empowers your association to build many processes around the creation of a list. A list is simple to create and requires minimal training for the average user, instantly releasing the power of the information contained in the member information systems directly into the hands of the people in the association.

    • Very simple to use, minimum training needed
    • Export lists to csv files
    • Select the fields that are to be exported to the csv file
    • Use lists to send out EDMs or bulk emails
  • Website and CloudCentre Integration

    Allow your prospective members to join your association and empower your members to renew their membership subscriptions any time of the day via a few simple steps

    • Select the most relevant membership category
    • Membership categories generated for specific countries
    • Members can join as individual or corporate members
    • Members may add/update their details and add staff/colleagues
    • Change membership category if needed
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
    • Renew their membership subscription online
    • Join special interest groups and committees online
    • Manage their communication subscriptions online
    • Purchase products & services online
    • Search through the member directory online
    • Search through the document directory online

Benefits for Members

The membership software allows members to better develop their confidence and trust in your association, as the activity management enhances customer service. The customer service is gained and improved through the service they receive from staff as they can now manage their activities and time more efficiently.  Our solutions helps your members by improving the customer service allowing you to develop a better end-to-end value proposition for your members.

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