Online Member Self-Service

Help members help themselves

Empower your members and non-members to engage easily with your association 24/7 via your website, using CloudCentre's online self-service plug-ins that is integrated to your database.

  • Members can update their details, including adding/removing staff, updating their email topics etc.
  • Allow members to renew and pay their membership.
  • Non members can join your association
  • Members and Non-members can register for events and purchase merchandise
  • Allow the public or members only to search for resources and other members through the different directories
  • Keep your members up to date with eNews, Careers
  • Allow your members to update and view their CPD/Accreditation records
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The Internet has changed the way we all think about business, and its impact on customer expectations for responsiveness and services levels have already started filtering into the other services (such as telephone advice and product shipping delays) of the "bricks and mortar" companies.  As the traditional lines between customer, supplier and partner fade, companies you deal with can be a customer, supplier or in a position to influence customer sentiment in your market segment. 

By comparison, the internet offers opportunities to provide faster cheaper interaction, collaboration, and communication with your customers and partners, that can reduce the cost of servicing their needs, whilst improving the quality of content, timeliness and relevance of the information you can share with your customers, partners and staff.

Coresoft web plugins provide customers, partners, and Staff with the ability to login to your website, and accesses the services and information applicable to who they are and what they need. It integrates the web presence with the internal Customer Relationship Management disciplines, Sales Management, Marketing and customer services automation facilities of the Coresoft application suite.

It provides casual Guest user access with a minimum level of facilities:

Explaining what is available now and luring the customer or prospect to make additional commitments to your organisation in order to gain access to the next level.

When logged in the customer's use of the portal is controlled by their position in either: A sales cycle, the status of their relationship, the staff user group (that is used to control staff access to internal systems), customer profile, marketing campaigns, special interest groups and or a mixture of these.

In short, the web services access is an extension of the sales, services and marketing initiatives of all in-house systems. If the customer account is on hold, or the prospect advances to a lead or the supplier is dropped, any business event, can change the relationship with an organisation, and as it does the web portal reacts instantly and changes access in accordance with your defined business rules.

Services Delivery Platform

The Web Portal draws knowledge directly from other Coresoft applications.

The web plugins are maintained from within Coresoft and does not require people with specific HTML or Web Authoring skills to change it. 

Access can be changed online and the changes will take effect immediately.

Customers can be granted/restricted access to the portal directly from the Customer Information Systems, no special set up, no reminding a technical person to do it for you, just click on the enable, and select the level of access!


The Portal manager uses a transaction-processing server to interpret commands given to it. The transaction server only understands the commands sent from the portal and ignores everything else, so commands sent by would be "hackers" will be ignored as Coresoft will only accept the commands it has sent.

Access control for Staff, Customer, and Partners

When a login and password is provided, the person is located in the CRM.  Staff are set up under a customer as well, so when the person is located, the system knows what facilities it can release to the user. Attempting to use facilities that have been retired will result in the user being disconnected.

Customer information is mapped using "Profiles" and Staff access by the same "User Group" that is used for access to internal systems, making system management simple. A customer's relationship status will change their profile automatically.

Banner and communication areas are used for interactive marketing. When logging in Coresoft checks the marketing system to see if this person is a target for a script, campaign message or special offer, creating a new channel of communication with the customer.

Target customers can be selected for monitoring, so when the person uses the site, the account manager is notified, and able to see what the customer logged in for and what information they were after.

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Why CloudCentre?

With extensive experience in providing solutions to a wide variety of membership-based organisations, we have learnt a great deal about the challenges faced by the industry and how they have used our software to improve service delivery and internal efficiencies. As a result, we are able to offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their entire operating requirements.

Industry knowledge and experience

  • Coresoft understands the industry and is able to provide best practice, process-driven solutions which increases efficiency in your work processes.
  • Our unique approach to software design enables our solutions to be deployed rapidly giving you measurable and immediate return on investment.
  • We ‘speak your language’ resulting in fast installation and implementation.

Tried and Proven

  • We have implemented Coresoft within many membership organisations, ranging in size from two users to 250 users.
  • You gain immediately from the know-how of these organisations using the system.

Flexible and customisable

  • Coresoft is an open system which allows other applications to be built on the same platform.
  • Coresoft’s N-tier platform provides the ability to customise workflow requirements and integrate to external applications without affecting future upgrades.

No Software Hassles

  • With cloud-based applications, there is no need to install software or make updates – lowering costs and reducing hassle for IT. Upgrades are automatic so you always have the latest version.

Support, maintenance and upgrades

  • Coresoft provides complete and up-to-date user documentation.
  • We provide reliable and fast turnaround support.
  • Maintenance includes upgrades so the latest features are readily available to you.
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