Content Management System

Extensive web integration including Content Management System(CMS), Web Portal, testing environment and Ecommerce technology that will allow you to offer your members extensive functionality to not only allow them to securely access their details and register/pay for subscription, events, join committees, buy services, get on-line training, etc but also give you the ability to provide members with access to information based on who they are and provide them the ability to customise their web experience by creating their own web page when they log in, gives you the control to build an effective and engaging website.

  • Easily create engaging web pages that are on brand and be in control of your content
  • Optimise your website so that it is fully responsive ensuring your site looks great when viewed on any device
  • Gain rich insights into visitor behaviour and your website’s performance
  • Add a members only access portal for richer and more engaging online experiences.
  • Easy to use with no technical experience required to publish pages
  • Browser based access
  • Control of web site given to content authors and publishers
  • Suitable for any size organisation
  • In-built workflow
  • Version control and archiving
  • Integration to Coresoft database 
  • Manages consistent look and feel of all content
  • Fast “Auto Publish” feature for instant publishing

CloudCentre includes an advanced content management system for managing your web content. Plus, there are dozens of member-self service plug-ins that empower your members to engage with your database easily via your website.

  • Professional web templates - Launch and manage your membership website with ease. Start creating your site with one of our professionally designed web templates.
  • Your own branding - Easily customise your site with your own branding and style guides. Apply your style guide across the entire website for consistent branding.
  • Member portal - Deliver member-only information or special services to your members via a secure portal. Allow members to update their details and even track the use of their services. Members can also subscribe to newsletters, purchase services online and register for events.
  • Member self-service plugins - Drive online interaction and offer your members the convenience of online self-service. CloudCentre's self-service plugins make it easy to add membership tools, online store, event calendars and so much more to your website.
  • Workflow and collaboration - Manage content through a series of workflow approval steps for content production. Preview pages before they are published.
  • Interactive polls and surveys - Integrate a blog within your site, or set up polls, forms and surveys to make your site more interactive.
  • Update your site with ease - Add, remove, edit content easily within the easy-to-use built-in editor. No technical skills are required and your staff can publish your content changes instantly.
  • Version control - Powerful version control tracks changes made and ensures integrity of site content.
  • SEO friendly - With Coresoft's CMS, it's easy to make your site SEO friendly to ensure your website can be found.


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Managing a web site efficiently and profitably is about ownership. Web site management has in the past been a function of the IT department but for a successful web site it really needs to be managed by non-technical personnel to maximise its potential.

Previously this handover was difficult as web site management required technical expertise, thankfully this is now possible with Coresoft. 

Coresoft’s Content Management System (CMS) removes the barriers and opens up web site management to the entire organisation.  A web site can now be owned by the people whose actual job it is to communicate with members/ customers and the general public.

Coresoft’s CMS is about ownership and control. It’s a simple easy to use tool providing non-technical personnel with the ability to work as a team collaborating with customers and co-workers quickly and professionally without compromising the look and feel of the site.


Coresoft’s CMS is the next generation of content management systems. A single product that manages a multitude of tedious and technical tasks a person would normally have to master to manage web site content. Coresoft guides the operator through the workflow process rather than have them guessing.

It’s flexible enough to meet the needs of small organisations with a few staff to large national businesses with hundreds of operators.

As most websites contain a multitude of information from text, images, links and attachments the operator needs to be able to create, locate, remove, modify and link content in a few clicks and feel confident that their actions will not affect the live website until they decide to publish.

The Coresoft Content Management System can manage thousands of pages, which are filed in a logical, easy to locate format that enables operators to view the status of any piece of content and move it through the production line or publish it right away if required.

Some dynamic features include:

  • The ability to publish a page automatically on a future date.
  • Remove a page automatically on a future date and replace it with another page. Relying on memory or colleagues is no longer required.
  • Tailor side panel messages to each page. Support your core message with targeted communications.
  • Select from a number of visually appealing templates. Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout.
  • Preview pages before they are published. Feel confident that what you see is what will appear on the website.
  • Link to a member database and display member details online. Service your members more effectively. Give them some control and input into your relationship.
  • Set deadlines for pages in production. Stay on track and on time.
  • Security defining what each operator can do. Let the system control who can do what behind the scenes.

Browser Based Access

Now you have the option to access your web site content and update that vital piece of information anywhere anytime via a web browser. This can be linked to a data warehouse that records which members logged in and when, right down to the contact level, length of visit and pages visited.


Polls can be an effective way of gaining market intelligence. With Coresoft you can create multiple poll questions quickly and easily directly from the database and store the results indefinitely.

Member/ Customer login

With Coresoft’s CMS you can offer your members/customers their own unique secure login to provide special services and allow them access to change their details and even track the use of their services. Members can also subscribe to newsletters, purchase services online and register for events.

Content Register

Perhaps one of the most important requirements for any content management system is the ability to keep track of each web page; what’s been published, what needs to be published, what will be removed and what can be reinstated from the archives.

Version Control

Furthermore, each page is assigned a version number enabling multiple versions of the same document. This makes it easier to decide which version is to be published. Version control also protects your organisation from any legal ramifications that could arise.

Our CMS delivers a solution beyond the ability to merely publish web pages.

It empowers the operator and the company to take full control of their vital channels of communication no longer relying on technical people who perhaps don’t appreciate the needs and urgency of the task at hand. 

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  • Personalised Member Home Page

    Empower your members by allowing them to interact with your association easily 24/7 via your website, using the online self-service facilities that is integrated to your database

    The personalised member home page empowers your member to access their profile and eCommerce facilities

    • Update their details, including customised data
    • Update marketing subscriptions
    • View and pay their outstanding invoices
    • Renew their membership
    • Register to events
    • Event registration listing
    • Join special interest groups
    • Purchase products or subscribed services
    • View CPD records
    • Enter CPD activity
    • View member directories
    • Access member only content
  • Membership Join

    Allow your prospective members to join your association at any time of the day via a few simple steps

    • Select the most relevant membership category
    • Membership categories generated for specific countries
    • Members can join as individual or corporate members
    • Members may add all their details and add staff/colleagues
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
  • Membership Subscription

    Allow your members to renew their membership any time of the day via a few simple steps

    • Members can update their details
    • Add or remove staff/colleagues
    • Change membership category if needed
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
  • Event Shopping Cart

    The event coordinator may publish an event to the website via CloudCentre's Event Management module. Member and non member prices may be setup including promotion codes. Events could also be member only events or non-member only events


    • Search for specific events
    • Register to more than one event
    • Add colleagues to the event registration
    • Purchase individual tickets or table tickets
    • Purchase other products during the event registration
    • Answer questions while making registrations
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
  • Conference Registration

    The conference coordinator may publish a conference to the website via CloudCentre's Conference Management module. Member and non member prices may be setup including promotion codes. Individual and group booking are available

    • Ability to have a branded website
    • Purchase individual tickets or group tickets
    • Select from different packages and addtional sessions
    • Member and non member pricing 
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
  • Merchandising Shopping Cart

    Sell your products and services online, include member discounts and promotion codes. The merchandising officer can easily setup products, overviews and include images to be published in the shopping cart

    • Search for specific products and services
    • Purchase more than one product in the same transaction
    • Member and non-member pricing available
    • Member only products
    • Generate invoices and make payments online
  • Accreditation and CPD tracking

    Reduce administrative costs and improve productivity with tools to manage your entire accreditation process

    Empower your members to access and enter their CPD records

    • CPD records listing
    • Enter new CPD points
    • Upload verification documents
    • Members can view their accreditation level throughout their profile
  • Outstanding Invoices

    Allow members access to view all their outstanding invoices to make payment

    • List all outstanding invoices
    • Ability to select the invoices that are to be paid through the payment gateway
    • Make payment via the payment gateway
  • Directory listing

    Ability to list members or non members such as suppliers online

    • Search facilities
    • Google maps
    • Member only listing or public listing
    • Ability to rank the listings based on specific criteria

Why CloudCentre?

With extensive experience in providing solutions to a wide variety of membership-based organisations, we have learnt a great deal about the challenges faced by the industry and how they have used our software to improve service delivery and internal efficiencies. As a result, we are able to offer our customers innovative solutions that meet their entire operating requirements.

Industry knowledge and experience

  • Coresoft understands the industry and is able to provide best practice, process-driven solutions which increases efficiency in your work processes.
  • Our unique approach to software design enables our solutions to be deployed rapidly giving you measurable and immediate return on investment.
  • We ‘speak your language’ resulting in fast installation and implementation.

Tried and Proven

  • We have implemented Coresoft within many membership organisations, ranging in size from two users to 250 users.
  • You gain immediately from the know-how of these organisations using the system.

Flexible and customisable

  • Coresoft is an open system which allows other applications to be built on the same platform.
  • Coresoft’s N-tier platform provides the ability to customise workflow requirements and integrate to external applications without affecting future upgrades.

No Software Hassles

  • With cloud-based applications, there is no need to install software or make updates – lowering costs and reducing hassle for IT. Upgrades are automatic so you always have the latest version.

Support, maintenance and upgrades

  • Coresoft provides complete and up-to-date user documentation.
  • We provide reliable and fast turnaround support.
  • Maintenance includes upgrades so the latest features are readily available to you.
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