Publish your eNews on your website 

Key features:

  • Easy and instant way to communicate the latest news and member information
  • Manage news and media releases
  • Instant updates to the website
  • Content management
  • Customised templates
  • Automated workflow
  • The easy search facility on the website
  • Integrated with other CloudCentre modules

Expand your web services to publish news and media releases on your website. eNews is a dynamic news generation tool that can be published on an organisation’s home page. The tool enables organisations to manage the automatic display of information across their site. It is even possible to display specific news relating to individual sections of the website.

Content management

eNews’ content management options give control over the content and appearance of each item without the need for specialist technical knowledge.  Content is created in an editor application similar to Microsoft Word.

Other features:

  • Pre-set publishing and expiry dates
  • A search facility enables users to identify relevant news
  • Ability to include a teaser line to engage user interest
  • Priority assignment enables operators to control the order of appearance (i.e. most important to least)
  • Ability to include images and tables within news items
  • Version control component reduces the risk of losing important information

Customise templates

Achieving consistent branding and forms across the site can be made easier by using customized templates. Alternatively, you can create your own styles using the formatting tools in the HTML editor application. CloudCentre’s technology reads website style sheets and applies this to the news item article template.

Automated workflow

The workflow process enables organisations to control copy production in CloudCentre by several authors. Approval privileges can be assigned to individual staff or granted to a group or department. Items each have a visible status e.g. WIP, published, approved, resubmit and archived.

The content moves through three key phases – create, approve and publish - and tasks are assigned to staff with specific responsibilities.

  • Creator – enter the details for a news item or media, edit and submit for approval
  • Authors - edit the content of the items and can ‘approve’ for publication
  • Publishers – check content for conformity to site style guides, final proof and publish items

The progress status will be updated automatically when each stage has been achieved. CloudCentre tasks or email notifications can be generated to inform authors or publishers of items requiring their attention.


The online search function allows users to easily locate relevant news items. This module includes additional features to assist in quickly locating news items within the site.

  • Fast URL - The publisher can set a shorter, customised URL that can be used for marketing purposes i.e. no need to reference the technical URL which has no meaning to users.
  • Keywords – The publisher can enter keywords related to the content to assist users to locate the news they require.


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