Key features:

  • The web-based application management system
  • Ability to customise forms and create specific questions
  • View responses for a contact
  • Upload documents with submission
  • Ability to allow users to resubmit the application
  • Easy to use interface
  • Integrated to other modules

Coresoft’s system is designed to streamline the administrative process involved with creating survey application forms to distribute via email or publishing on the website.

Our Submissions management platform enables organisation’s to deploy dynamic web forms for the collection of information for the management of surveys. By using a single integrated system removes the need to use 3rd party software to design your form and track information in multiple applications such as spreadsheets, databases, word documents. Members are able to submit applications online and the information is collected and stored directly in CloudCentre where staff has immediate access to this information.

Dynamic survey form creation

The Submissions module includes a facility to build customised questions associated to each survey. These questions are then automatically populated into a web form and assessable online, where you can edit and modify at any time.

Customise each survey by designing your forms using features such as:

  • Customised question creation for individual forms
  • Create free text, checkboxes, radio set and drop-down list response display types
  • Unlimited questions creation
  • Ability to display questions across multiple pages
  • Set the order the questions are displayed online
  • Basic formatting tools to adjust the look and feel of the questions
  • Select mandatory response for questions
  • Insert additional instructions or notes to questions
  • Display and populate with contacts personal and business details when logged on

Deploying surveys

Organisations can begin the process in CloudCentre by creating a survey form and recording related attributes about the survey or application. Operators can create questions for each form, which are automatically deployed to your website. Multiple surveys can be open concurrently and a unique URL link is created for each form which can be used on your website or in emails. To complete the form, applicants can simply access the form by clicking on the provided link where they can enter their responses online.

The system can be configured to check if the applicant is a contact your CRM in the core customer information system. The ability to view their personal details and business details are available as part of the survey forms process.

Submissions workflow

The ability to track and monitor the progress of all applications, past and present, can save time for staff and management. Responses will flow back into CloudCentre where staff and management are able to track the progress of each survey and view the responses for each person.

Surveys and the responses can also be viewed against the:

  • Contacts where you can view all instances where the person has responded
  • Event Activity and Project, it has been linked to
  • Conference Activity and Project, it has been linked to


Customised emails and letters can be created and sent to respondents to communicate as a follow up within the module.