Personal Page

Personalise the page your members/non-members view once they log into your website 

Allow your members to view their personal details including invoicing, education, employment, social information. This information can then be utilised to segment data for marketing, sales analysis, web directories.

Key features:

  • Members can request/order services online
  • Members staff can access online services
  • Specific people given the ability to change members details
  • Customers can’t delete information
  • Internal users approve important information changed
  • Order services online
  • Access to online services
  • Account enquiry and dispute collaboration
  • Drill down to payment details
  • Meeting outcome and Action items
  • Sales Collaboration with new or prospective members
  • Members maintain contact details of their staff

The challenge for Membership organisations today is to find the best way to leverage the Internet by providing unique value through its online services and at the same time use online services to improve efficiencies making it easier to service members. The relative cost savings by providing online services as opposed to paying people wages to provide a service is clear. Customers are becoming more and more comfortable accessing information through a website as it continues to become a part of the way we do business. Simple provision of text-based information, downloading information instead of posting, is indeed a good start, but Membership organisations are under increasing pressure to distinguish themselves by not just the quantity of information, but the value of the service to the intended recipient.

Services that offer Value

Coresoft Portal extension - Membership provides a members-only area for each member that will allow you to service the specific needs of that member. Members can access details of their organisation, maintaining their company profiles (that you use to promote that member in the marketplace). Address detail changes can be submitted, but these are not immediately copied into the member’s information until approved and checked by one of your staff. Specific people are given the privileges necessary to change the member's company details, meanwhile, in the Coresoft Customer Information system, the Changes audit mechanisms keep a record of the old information that can be resurrected if important information is lost.

Maintaining Details

To protect against accidental changes or information changes made without the customer's consent, Coresoft incorporates processes that manage the integrity of the data you retain on a customer/member. Not all of the customer's details can be changed online, and wherever they can be changed Coresoft will either keep the original values and advise a staff member to review and approve the new changes before they are accepted or make the changes and use the "Changes Audit" to retain the old values.

Member account managers can interact with the member using Coresoft to exchange outcomes of meetings, information on specific membership deals and promotions.

Service / Membership Agreements

Membership and Service level agreements provide access to services, some of which can be delivered electronically. Information search, sample documents, downloads, sound and video briefings, bulletin boards, interest groups, and text response systems (similar to an email, where a question is asked, and a person find the solution and contacts the member with an answer).

Members are given access to these facilities under their membership or service agreement, which can be a basic subscription amount, plus a set fee for any of the online services.

Members can request additional services online, add these to their agreement, and the Coresoft back office systems will invoice the member. Once services are ordered the member will be able to access these services online.

Account enquiry

Members can also use Coresoft to do an account enquiry of all outstanding invoices, subscriptions, and view their payment details.  Members can exchange information on disputed invoices by adding their own comments to invoices, and viewing comments placed by their accounts clerks.

With Coresoft’s CMS, you can offer your members/customers their own unique secure login to provide special services and allow them access to change their details and even track the use of their services. Members can also subscribe to newsletters, purchase services online and register for events. 



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