Special Interest Groups

Members can join to different interest groups, allowing your members to receive information that matters to them. Interest Groups also allows associations to provide relevant website content directly to the member.

Key features:

  • Target Customer groups
  • Campaign segmentation
  • Create Committee’s
  • Customers or Individuals with common interests
  • Billing for joining, participation or annual subscription fees
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Plans calendar of Events for the Group
  • Tracks participation in events
  • Coordinate Event registrations for the group
  • Venue and event planning
  • Send targeted communications
  • Used for reporting and analysis
  • Locate customers quickly
  • Helps people work together leveraging the event plans on other departments 

To get the best value from a comprehensive Customer, Member and Contact management system you will need to create lists comprised of companies and individuals that match specific criteria. Coresoft List management module provides this. In a short time, hundreds of lists appear as operators throughout your enterprise seize the opportunity to use lists for a wide range of purposes. Due to the ease with which lists can be created and the extensive selection criteria, before long the number of lists becomes unmanageable, can often be deleted or rebuilt by accident, and individually they are not suitable as a basis for sales, marketing or accounts processes because of their temporary nature. That's where special interest groups (SIG) can help.

Special interest groups appear at first to be "permanent lists". Lists of companies or individuals for a specific purpose that have been allocated to a single staff member, a group of users or a department, but they are much more.

How Interest Groups Evolved

Special Interests are a very practical business process tool. It has evolved through years of experience in managing large diverse customer/prospect databases and working with customers who are building effective business processes around Coresoft applications.

Used by Sales Teams

Target customers for specific marketing campaigns can be added to an Interest group in seconds, allowing all further marketing to that group to reliably include those customers.

As sales staff interact with prospects and customers, the follow-up, cold calling, call centre applications all have a Special interest Toggle box - a salesperson can select at any time adding them to a SIG.

With Coresoft you're not expected to work out for yourself how your salespeople will assign a customer to a drip feed campaign on a specific subject.  We design these common requirements into the wizards and processes used on a daily basis, allowing Coresoft to be effective for you the day it is installed.

During free-flowing conversations with customers during inbound/outbound sales calls, operates can assign customers to Interest groups that provide newsletters, updates on common topics, email circulars, drip feed campaigns, additional internet services or access, service information, forums, bulletin boards, committee's, applicants for an award or committee, general knowledge subjects without having to transfer the call to another person.

Specific interest groups can be billed for entry, participation or an annual subscription charged, making them beneficial for magazines or circulars.

Interest Groups in Marketing

Marketing uses Interest Groups for many purposes, which are best described as;

  • Services to the Customer
  • Selling to the Customer
  • Lobbying for or representing the customer
  • Allowing groups of customers to work together, with your organisation as the central point of reference

Good marketing practices are not as simple as attracting new customers to your products and services. Customers are looking for suppliers that "add value" and can provide freedom of "choice".

Special Interest groups will help identify the customers who should be marketed to or informed of a service, but as a strategic tool, you can also use them to lobby suppliers for better rates, lobby government or partner organisations for changes conditions.

By creating lists that have accurate numbers of customers, who could be contacted or where the customer themselves has registered their interest through your website, suppliers, partners and other bodies, must pay attention to your requests.

Marketers use Interest Groups for stand-alone target audiences on specific topics, or in conjunction with Campaigns to promote goods and services. A subtle but powerful by-product is the marketing of relationships to existing customers. As a customer purchases a product or service, they can be added to specific Interest groups. The actual sale can be followed up with a thank you letter or a survey response form, to gauge the success of the product but also reinforces the buying decision to the purchaser.  This group can then be used for marketing related products or notifications in the future.

Event Planning

Special interest groups can be used to assign events making planning activities easier. Apart from communicating these plans to others in the organization, customers can be kept informed, allowing others in the organisation to leverage off activities planned by other departments.

Each event retains participation by the attendee, keeping that information against the contact and the customer independently (should that person leave that employer and join another).

Events have their own description, explanations, venues and planning facilities. Participation can be recorded automatically or bookings can be made by a simple registration facility, making them suitable for meetings, seminars, and small functions.

Interest Groups in Services

Services providers will use Interest Groups for managing the distribution of technical information, product updates, technical notices, or upgrade offers.

Professional services will use Interest groups for follow up, up-selling and develop the customer’s interest in using their services for the provision of new skills into the customer’s organisation.

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