General Membership

Membership in the cloud

Our cloud solution means that all your membership management activities can be run out of a single integrated online system, anywhere, any device, anytime. Look after your members, communicate with all stakeholders and take care of website needs.

  • Be Productive anywhere with access to your data on any device you choose
  • Save time by simplifying daily tasks like invoicing and budget planning
  • Work better together with employees, partners, and members, even from different locations

Leave the technical work to us!

We personalise our customer interactions, we like to understand how your association has evolved and what's important to your organisation into the future. This allows us to provide personalised solutions to your requirements.

Avoid consuming valuable resource learning how to program online software.  We're the software developers, so let us handle that while you focus on running your organisation.

Endless configuration capabilities

CloudCentre is locally built and maintained by us, and you'll have your own instance. This greatly increases the customisation and configuration capabilities of our software. Our Business Process Assessment will ensure that your specific membership types, groups and subgroups, membership rules, and operational processes will be fully incorporated into the final solution. There is no need for workarounds to slow you down, you have a dedicated solution and we tune it as needed to meet your needs.

Project Management 

Coresoft provides project management services to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget. Coresoft follows global best practices when managing projects for our clients, all projects will follow the main stages being Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment and Operation. Project Managers not only keep your projects on track, they also make sure our personalised is with you completely throughout your project ensuring you have a dedicated solution and we tune it as needed to meet your needs.