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Accounts Receivable

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Run your association with real-time visibility

Understanding the financial position of your organisation is key to making effective decisions to increase profitability

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Member Engagement is an association's first priority, which is why the financial aspect of the business typically sufferers. According to IBISworld, the associations' industry employs 30,000+ staff across 2,244 organisations. Industry associations are heavily burdened by labour cost equating to approximately 42.3% of industry revenue. These figures are surprising given the industry generally relies on volunteers, which suggests more needs to be done to implement strategic initiatives to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. 

Implementing a subscription based association management solution allows your organisation to scale up and down as your business does, it also means expenditure becomes an operational cost. This is why at Coresoft, we have developed CloudCentre Accounts to host a range of benefits to make managing your association's finances cost-effective and easy. 


Our solution

CloudCentre simplifies and automates tedious tasks, reducing errors, and leverages technology to improve efficiency and accuracy. This allows you to take maximum advantage of available discounts, improve cash flow management, and overall profitability. Using efficient and consistent payment practices will improve both supplier relationships and your organisation's finances.


CloudCentre's Accounts module provides the functionality and tools to manage all of the following:

  • Transaction Entry and Control

  • Auditing and Reporting 

  • Payments and Adjustments

  • Multi-Company Management

  • Supplier Automated Payment 

  • Foreign Currencies 

  • Payments From Multiple Bank Accounts 

  • Business to Business Transactions

  • Direct Debit and BPay processing

Slightly transparent network connected globe
Slightly transparent network connected globe
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Benefits for your members

Drawing on our extensive experience from serving a diverse range of membership-based organizations, we've gained valuable insights into industry challenges. Our software enhances service delivery and internal efficiencies, providing innovative, tried, and proven solutions that will benefit your members.

If you require an unlisted feature, please get in contact with us, we may still be able to find a solution for you!

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