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Membership Management

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Attract, engage and grow your membership base

Optimise your members journey from signup to retention.

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Experience the convenience of online membership renewal with CloudCentre. Our Membership Management module contains everything you need to make managing your members information and finances easy.


Our online renewal process offers batch-driven or fully automated options, complete with scheduled reminders for updating membership information. We understand your membership types, renewal process, fee calculations, and charging rules are unique, which is why we customise CloudCentre to incorporate them into your solution.


Unlock the potential of membership levels with tiered pricing and discounts to easily manage membership levels with page access control, granting exclusive access to privileged information for specific member types. Managing your members finances is easy with CloudCentre, we've automated calculations for application fees, membership fees, and renewals based on your organisations data so you can get on with what's really important, serving your members!

Reaching out to your audience with effective marketing tools and engage members through CloudCentre's email marketing and CRM systems. Finding customer information is a breeze with our online CRM filtering tools to find customer segments and target campaigns.

If you prefer your existing marketing solution, ask us about integrating the solutions!

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Membership management
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Our Solution

This module enables you to manage basic member information, their preferences, interests, and financial status. CloudCentre manages subscription generation that creates transactions directly in Accounts Receivable and then on to the General Ledger system. It can also manage member participation in functions, training, and conferences. Coresoft provides the means to invoice members for services outside the scope of the membership agreement and manage the delivery of these services.

CloudCentre's Membership Management module provides the functionality and tools to manage all of the following

  • Member Relations

  • Controlled Communication 

  • Financial Management

  • Marketing and Analysis

  • Change Management Facility 

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Benefits for your members

Empower your association's members with our advanced membership software, fostering confidence and trust. Give your staff the tools to provide enhanced customer service through streamlined activity management. Members gain control over their time and activities, boosting their satisfaction with staff interactions. Elevate customer service with your members and enable a seamless end-to-end value proposition, ensuring an enriched experience.

If you require an unlisted feature, please get in contact with us, we may still be able to find a solution for you!

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