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Streamlining Membership Management: How The Mathematical Association of Victoria Transformed Operations with Coresoft's CloudCentre


In today's digital age, organizations across various industries are leveraging advanced technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. For The Mathematics Association of Victoria (MAV), a teacher-based membership association with over 17,000 members, the adoption of Coresoft's CloudCentre platform has been a game-changer. In this blog post, we'll explore MAV's journey of transforming membership management and event organization through CloudCentre.


Empowering Membership Management:

Logo for the Mathematics Association of Victoria

MAV's core mission revolves around

providing professional development and learning opportunities for educators. With a diverse membership base consisting primarily of teachers and schools from Victoria and beyond, managing memberships and organizing events efficiently is paramount. Coresoft's CloudCentre emerged as the solution to MAV's complex operational needs. "It never feels like members are dealing with a CRM", said MAV CEO, Julie Bowden, "from our members there are no complaints"


Seamless Transition and Enhanced Efficiency:

Six years ago, MAV made the strategic decision to transition from their previous CRM system to CloudCentre. The transition was meticulously managed by the Coresoft team, resulting in a seamless integration of the new platform. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey for MAV, as CloudCentre empowered them with advanced functionalities and user-friendly interfaces.


Key Benefits Realized:

The adoption of CloudCentre brought forth numerous benefits for MAV. Firstly, the platform's CRM functionality provided invaluable insights into member interactions and engagement patterns. This enabled MAV to tailor their communication strategies effectively and foster stronger connections with their members. Additionally, CloudCentre's user-friendly interface made it accessible to staff members with varying levels of technological proficiency, enhancing operational efficiency. "It's a much easier system for all of our staff to be able to utilise" said MAV CEO, Julie Bowden, "we're able to go on and do things by ourselves, making minor changes on websites, setup events ourselves, membership officer is able to get on and manage memberships and the CRM"


Exceptional Support and Customization:

Throughout their journey, MAV experienced exceptional support from the Coresoft team, particularly from Grant, who was hailed as their biggest asset. Grant's proactive approach and quick response to queries ensured that MAV's needs were addressed promptly, fostering a strong partnership between the two organizations. Moreover, CloudCentre's flexibility allowed for customization to meet MAV's specific requirements, further enhancing their operational capabilities.


Transforming Event Management:

CloudCentre's capabilities extended beyond membership management to event organization. MAV found the platform especially easy to use for managing their events, from setting up registrations to automating reminders. With CloudCentre, MAV could pivot quickly and create on-demand event access, facilitating seamless coordination of webinars, masterclasses, and student competitions. "Another massive benefit is having a custom-built system that is able to automate the judging of our student competitions and challenges, where we often see over 600 pieces of work submitted,” said Julie. “This means our teachers, as judges, can login and easily find entries to assess. No additional systems needed and best of all, all work and submissions are kept safe and secure."


Looking Towards the Future:

As MAV continues to leverage CloudCentre's capabilities, they remain poised to navigate future challenges and drive continued growth and success in the education sector. With ongoing integration efforts and a commitment to innovation, MAV is well-positioned to further enhance member engagement and streamline operations.



MAV's experience with Coresoft's CloudCentre serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in membership management and event organization. Through seamless integration, exceptional support, and advanced functionalities, CloudCentre has empowered MAV to enhance member engagement, streamline operations, and adapt to evolving needs successfully.


In conclusion, the partnership between MAV and Coresoft exemplifies the potential of innovative technology in driving organizational growth and excellence. As MAV continues its journey of empowering educators and advancing mathematics education, CloudCentre remains an invaluable asset in their arsenal.

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