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Transforming Operations and Member Services for Massage & Myotherapy Australia with CloudCentre


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Massage & Myotherapy Australia (Association), the leading association in the field of massage and myotherapy in Australia, was facing operational challenges that demanded a comprehensive solution. With over 8,500 therapists nationally under its umbrella, the Association’s commitment to excellence led them to a strategic partnership with Coresoft and their adoption of the CloudCentre system. This case study delves into how this pivotal decision transformed the Association’s operations, enhanced member services, and ensured data security.




Prior to their transition to CloudCentre, the association grappled with several issues:


Outdated Systems: MMA lacked a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, relying on legacy software such as Lotus Approach and Excel spreadsheets. This outdated infrastructure hindered their operational efficiency and represented a risk given the “need to have clean data is critical so they can remain in contact with the right stakeholders at the right businesses to support them and their business needs.”


Reporting Hurdles: The reporting requirements of their members to Australia’s major private health funds meant the association faced significant challenges around data processing and availability. They found that other CRM providers could not meet their specific requirements for extracting meaningful data for relevant industry bodies and private health funds.


Compliance Management: Ensuring compliance was a top priority for the organisation, given the self-regulated nature of the industry. They needed a solution to keep their members informed and up to date with membership requirements and industry updates.


Solution: CloudCentre by Coresoft


The Association’s decision to collaborate with Coresoft and implement CloudCentre proved to be a game-changing move. The platform addressed their challenges head-on, and the benefits were manifold:


1. Custom Reporting: CloudCentre empowered the Association to create custom reports tailored to their unique needs. This feature enabled them to efficiently manage compliance, extract meaningful data, and streamline operations. As Ann explained, “It's all about the quality of members and membership data, as opposed to quantity.”


2. Member Self-Service: The introduction of member self-service capabilities significantly reduced administration requirements. Members could now log in, access their information, and manage their profiles independently, enhancing their overall experience. “This has had a profound impact on business efficiency,” Julie explained, “self-service has significantly decreased administration requirements and in particular, reduced inbound phone calls for support and updates.”


3. Seamless Integration: The integration with the Association’s existing website created a seamless and unified experience for members. From registering for events to paying renewal fees, to updates, changes, and communications, members could access all services through one portal.


4. Automation: Automations played a pivotal role in managing member touchpoints and reminders throughout the year, ensuring members stayed informed and engaged. For example, SMS functionality within the platform also allows them to cater to all digital touch-points and easily contact their members with key information and alerts.


5. Data Security: Recognizing the sensitive nature of their data, the Association took solace in knowing that Coresoft adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards, safeguarding their data from potential threats.




Massage & Myotherapy Australia’s journey with CloudCentre and Coresoft showcases the transformative power of technology within an organization. Their strategic partnership allowed them to overcome long-standing operational challenges, elevate the member experience, and secure their data. With CloudCentre, the Association has solidified its position as a leader in the massage and myotherapy profession, offering an inspiring example for other associations seeking to embrace digital transformation.


This case study underscores the importance of finding a reliable technology partner to enable organizations to reach new heights while ensuring the highest standards of data security. In today's rapidly evolving landscape, the success story of Massage & Myotherapy Australia and CloudCentre serves as an inspiring testament to the possibilities of technology-driven transformation.

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